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Skirting Board Styles in 2018

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As the sun starts to set on 2018 we take a look at the hottest new trends in home decor and more specifically skirting board styles. The topic of skirting boards may not seem a particularly glamorous one but it is one of those underrated pieces of home decoration that really makes a huge impact on the finished look of a newly decorated home.

In fact, many people disregard the skirting altogether and whilst you can get away with a new lick of paint if skirting is in decent condition, to ensure your home flooring truly complements the rest of the decoration you should consider a suitable skirting board replacement to match.

Ogee Ogee Ogee

No, we are not bringing back the old school playground chant, instead we are of course talking about Ogee Skirting. This style of skirting board has become a household favourite in 2018 and that is perhaps in no small part down to its versatility and timeless design.

Generally speaking, Ogee skirting board will have a flat bottom with an indent and then a curved top. This can be used to good effect on traditional and contemporary projects and is available in MDF and Oak skirting board styles.

Traditional Oak

The traditional looking oak skirting has made a comeback in 2018 and is often used on newer buildings as well as older dwellings. You may have seen an upsurge in wooden window frames and natural wooden coloured doors and frames on properties – using a matching oak skirting board is the perfect match for this style of home decor.

Chamfered Still Rocking It

Perhaps one of the most widely known and used styles of skirting board is the round chamfered skirting. This is still very much a big player in modern home decor in 2018 and will probably never go out of fashion. The biggest reason for this is its understated profile – meaning it gives a good finish without trying to steal the limelight from the rest of the space.

Chamfered rounded skirting is perfect for smaller spaces – particularly those with low ceilings and narrow widths.

The Future Of Skirting

Skirting remains one of the best ways to finish a home decoration project. Not only does it look great but if you plan your project well then you can save lots of time during the actual decoration stages. If you are painting or wallpapering and you have yet to put your skirting in place then you don’t have to spend painstaking hours finishing neat edges as the skirting will give you this.

It certainly doesn’t look like there will be a replacement for skirting any time soon and with more styles available than ever before it seems the market is waking up to power of skirting.

Top Skirting Tip: Our top skirting board tip is combined with one very specific type of flooring – real wood flooring or laminate. Often these styles of flooring require a special beading around the edges – these can look a little unsightly and also are not great at taking knocks and scrapes. Always put your flooring down prior to your skirting as you can then use the skirting to provide the perfect finish.