Creating Mood With Lighting


When it comes to creating mood or atmosphere in our home and garden there is nothing quite so effective as lighting. Choosing the right lighting design for your home is crucial to creating zones that feel how you want them to.

You may have rooms that you like to have a certain feel such as a cosy wintry room or you may have rooms that you want to feel a little bit lighter for those summer months or for entertaining. Whether you choose to have lighting effects that can be changed with your mood is one option if you are undecided and that can be achieved simply through the use of colour or soft vs harsh lighting.

Adding A Splash Of Colour

Whether you want to add a splash of colour to your lighting will largely depend on your decor but if you have quite plain neutral tones within your paintwork then adding colour to your lights can really liven up a space. It can also have the opposite effect depending on which colour you choose and what you want impact you want to achieve.

Adding blues will naturally make a room feel colder whereas reds and oranges can create a lovely glow in winter months. If you have rooms that you use at certain times of the year then you can go all out on your colours whereas if your rooms are used all year round you may want to choose colour changing bulbs so you can create different moods for the various seasons.Colour changing bulbs and lighting fixtures can be purchased from online lighting shops or showrooms.


If you are looking for something a little more dramatic then up-lighting can have a huge impact. Up-lighting is particularly spectacular when used outdoors but it can also be used indoors when applied in right manner. If you have a large space and want to light a piece of artwork or perhaps a large statue or ornament then an upward facing light can really have an impact.

This type of lighting should not be overused and if using indoors it is best used in larger spaces.

Table & Free Standing Lighting

To add warm hues and glows to those winter months, table and free standing lamps are particularly effective. They almost blend in to the decor in the summer months but they spring to life on those darker nights and can even start to take centre stage.

Again, colour changing bulbs can be used to create different feelings and shades and bulb types can really create different moods. Try vintage bulbs with warm yellowish glows to create warm winter effects and direct the light in to less intrusive areas with well positioned shades.

No matter what mood you are trying to achieve there are a range of products out there to help you when it comes to lighting – and without doubt, lighting is something you need to consider when looking at the decor within your home.