Autumn 2018 Styles

We moving rapidly in to Autumn as the final quarter of the year sets in and one thing that tends to remind us of is the need for change. Autumn is where the season starts to say ‘out with the old’ and although Autumn (and even Winter) don’t exactly scream ‘in with the new’ it is the perfect time to update the decor in the home and garden.

Rich golds and reds are found on the leaves of trees and shrubs all around us at this time of year and for Autumn 2018 we want to see a celebration of the year so far. Using reds and golden colours throughout your internal decor can really help to add some warmth to a home as those nights start to draw in and temperatures begin to drop.

Oversized rugs with deep piles are also a great idea at this time of year as we look to settle in to our nooks rather than spending quite so much time outdoors.

For those who want to extend the outdoor season for as long as possible lighting can be used effectively – again with warm glowing colours – to add that feeling of warmth to the garden. Patio heaters and chimeneas are all the rage and this is the perfect time to use them to extend the day into the early evening.

The golds and reds can be used in the garden too as well as reflective mirrored outdoor ornaments to make the most of the low lying sunshine.

Inside, try using low wattage lighting or vintage effect bulbs to create warm glows and candles can also really help to create a feeling of warmth on those colder evenings.

Dried flowers and herbs can help to extend that summer feeling if you are that way inclined and can also help to bring colour in to the home without the major expense of redecoration.

Look out for more of our 2018 home decor tips over the coming weeks.

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